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Sunday, February 13, 2011

The journey continues

A lot has happened since the last post. Too busy to update. I'll do my best to fill you in. After leaving Pelly Crossing Mike had to bag Isis for 80 miles. She got hurt in the jumble ice, but is doing well now. Then 10 miles out of Scroggie Stump went down and rode the rest of the way in to the checkpoint in the bag. Just as Mike got into Scroggie the plane landed and he was able to get them onto the plane and out of Scroggie immediately. Tphil and I drove up to Dawson and dropped the gear off at the camp site. The ice road was different this year and we spent some time driving around the ice race track. In the morning we went to set up camp. A huge thanks to Sarah McHugh and her friend Jason who showed up with shovels. The camp site was great. We were able to set camp up further up into the woods. Nice and quiet for the dogs! Later that night we picked up Isis and Stump from the vet shack and gave them some good loving time in the hotel room.
Camp was ready for the team to arrive. I waited in town and Tphil was at camp getting the meal ready. The plan was to rest the team from Scroggie before getting to Dawson. The team was doing great so Mike ran the 100 miles straight. He did catch us off guard by about 1/2 hour. All was good though.
Our camp site was great and the dogs rested well.
As the vets were checking the team for any issues or injuries they let out with their classic group howl. Almost brought tears to my eyes. Overall the team was in excellent shape. A few sore wrist and shoulders, feet looked great, and good weight on most of them. Moon was the one dog that was in the roughest shape. She got a lot of attention, but by 36 hours her wrists were still sore and she joined us on the truck. She slept well in the backseat.
The team was ready to hit the trail after 9 hours of rest and looked even better at 36 hours.
Well sorry this is a bit incomplete, but time to hit the road. Hope to have internet access in Circle.
Tsue, Tphil and Zirkle


  1. I just like to thank Sue and Mike Ellis for doing a outstanding job with the Race this year and the websites are very cool as well. Good Job Guys and you can't for get the dogs. Got to Thank the dogs too!!!!

  2. It was precious watching them sleep, but probably more precious was Tsue whispering so she wouldn't wake them.

    Beautiful, beautiful dogs.