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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Heading to 101

Well after feeding the dogs that are hanging at home, Peggy and I got a few hours of sleep.. it is 2am and we are heading out the door to go to Mile 101... Love the Live Tracker on the Quest site.. See you soon. I many not have internet access until Central. Safe driving and good mushing..
Sue and Handler Peggy


  1. I alternately love the tracker and hate it - like now when I show Mike not yet having cross Rosebud, but he is posted in at Mile 101 - Yeah Mike!

    But oh well - If they worked perfectly, I would never sleep, obsessively refreshing every 2 minutes.

  2. Quest says Mike lost his tracker. It's still reporting a position 25 miles before Mile 101. No word yet on if it will be replaced.

  3. Only about one-third of the trackers seem to be working at this point. The others haven't reported a position for 3-7 hours. I heard they stop transmitting if they aren't "reset" every 12 hours, and they're trying to do a reset at each check-point. Apparently it's not going as planned.