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Monday, February 15, 2010

Team in McCabe Creek 2010

The team arrived into McCabe Creek at 8:46am on Monday.. Boy do they look good.. Happy, waggy doggies... The team is bedded down and will rest for 6 hours before hitting the trail again.. Mike is now able to eat some food and keep it down.. He looks pretty good overall.. Hope the temperature drops and the team has a good run out of McCabe into Carmacks.. Here is a video of what the team looked like in McCabe.. Enjoy..


  1. I didn't realize that in addition to breaking his nose, he couldn't eat. My gosh - what perseverance.

    Thanks for the updates. They mean a lot with so few check points on the YQ trail.


  2. Wonderfull happy dogs! Really well done. I do hope Mike feels better.

  3. Beautiful team and it sure looks good that Mike will finish ok in Whitehorse!

  4. Wow, the team looks awsome! Happy, wagging their tails as if they just finished a 20 mile easy run!

    Hold on Mike, the struggle will soon have a sweet taste of acomplishment!