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Monday, February 8, 2010

Howdy from Circle

Well the race has been very exciting so far.. Some good and some not so good.. Mike finally got his wish and got to run the team over Rosebud, and it went well.. Although there has been less snow than usual, Mike and the team navigated the trail without any major problems.. On his way to Mile 101 the tracking device came off the sled and he will no longer be tracked for the rest of the race.. I was really enjoying being able to "see" where the team was. I was expecting him to come into One-O-One within the hour, but he arrived 5 minutes later. The plan was to rest for 6 hours, but the teams parking spot was less than ideal and all the teams leaving had to run past them. Peggy and I shared the responsibility of sitting with the team throughout the rest. Needless to say the team did not rest very well. Mugs had a minor encounter with another sled, but is still on the team and doing well. Mike got up before his alarm (no big surprise) and got ready to leave. While filling his fuel bottle he got sprayed in the face with the fuel. Luckily he was able to close his eyes and avoid serious injury. Very scary moment for both of us.. Eagle Summit was in the best shape it has ever been.. The last 16 miles into Central were terrible. Going through very tight and twisty trail Hawkeye hit a tree and is now on the truck with Peggy and I. He is very sore, but is doing ok. We will be watching him very closely over the next few days. He is a very stoic dog..Mike stayed in Central about 6 hours and is on his way to Circle. Hopefully the rest to the ride is uneventful.. Group howl leaving Central makes me proud.. So Peggy and I have been awake for the last 24 hours and need some sleep. Internet access right now does not allow me to upload images, but there are some good pictures to come... Happy thoughts to Team Tsuga..
See you soon.
Sue and Handler Peggy


  1. Yikes! Hopefully the next leg will be less eventful. Apparently Mike's tracker was retrieved by Harvey Williams from the YQ300 before going over Rosebud Summit. No word on whether the tracker and Mike can be reunited.

  2. I have wanted to hear the group howl. I can imagine the thrill of having your team unite as it prepares to leave. They were too excited at the starting chute, I reckon.

    Sue - call me re: goodies for Dawson ... Linda

  3. There was a suggestion about getting the tracker back to Mike at Dawson, so he would have it for the end of the race...

  4. Sorry to hear that tree got in Hawkeye's way.. Wishing him a speedy recovery. Best wishes for the rest of the team and the rest of the run!