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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ready in Dawson

Today has been a very busy day for the handlers.. We spent all day setting up the camp for the dogs.. We are really excited to work with the team when they arrive.. While setting up we saw the plane fly in with all the dropped dogs.. I got to the vet shack as soon as the dogs arrived.. When I saw Stump I burst into tears.. Not because he looked bad, but because his race was over and he wasn't himself.. He hurt his back.. He was happy to see me, but I think he knew that he shouldn't have been flying on a plane.. After feeding him, I will sneak him into the hotel for some love and a good rubbing.. He should be feeling better in a couple of days.. The team is on their way to Dawson.. Time to get some sleep... The runs from Eagle have been taking over 25 hours and I think the team will be here sometime tomorrow afternoon or evening..


  1. There was some very nice coverage of Mike's race on the YQ current news web site. So the team is being led by two veterans who are also mothers to the rest of the team (one of which must be Gila, right?) - those two have stepped in to fill for Stump, although Mike did say they do not always guide with the same determination as Stump. I am interested to see how they develop through the race. I hope I am not anthromorphic, but thinking of the mothers leading their offspring was emotional for me.


  2. Best of luck as the team comes in. We love the news and check frequently. Go Team Tsuga from virtually followers in the Bluegrass!

  3. Mike is fortunate to have a such a great handler!