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Monday, February 15, 2010

The team pulled into Pelly Crossing at 4:50am on Monday.. They trotted off the river into the checkpoint looking great.. Since the temperature is around 27 degrees and getting warmer, Mike decided to keep on trucking.. He packed his sled and left 11 minutes later.. There is a warm breeze blowing and it feels pretty strange.. I guess that is better than no breeze at all.. Not sure if Mike will be stopping in McCabe Creek or not, but will find out soon enough.. He is still running the 11 dogs that he left Dawson with. Any injury or soreness getting into Dawson doesn't seem to be a problem after the 36 hour rest.. Mike is in good spirits, but I am sure he is not too happy with the warm weather.. We are in McCabe enjoying the hospitality. I'll keep you posted.
Tsue and Handler Peggy


  1. Tsweet! Thanks Tsue and handler Peggy!

  2. Hey Team Tsuga,
    this are a great run. Many thanks for so much work and so tough and beauty Dogs.
    Best wishes to the nose of Mike. A god care are
    a cold beer and a sweet kiss in Whithorse

  3. I had to wind and rewind a few times, but it looks like Reba is still in lead. How about Mugs?

    He continues to do well and appears to be resting at McCabe with Dries and Dave right now. Nice work. He could be in White Horse tomorrow.

    It is warm here too - 32 F off our front deck.