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Friday, February 19, 2010

Hi all.
After getting up early to go in to Whitehorse to see Pierre finish with his siberians, I bumped in to Lance and Tonya and went to have breakfast with them. Zach Steer joined us as well.
Tonight is the mandatory Meet the Mushers event. Last night we were down at Hugh and Tamara's for a bonfire party. I am going to get caught up on sleep here sometime... I've been watching some Olympics in between dog drops and walks and going through some of the videos I took out on the trail. Here's one of my favorites from our crossing of American Summit just out of Eagle, Alaska. I'll process my thoughts and get some more stories, photos, and videos posted when we get back home.
We're looking forward to the Finishers Banquet tomorrow night!!

1 comment:

  1. Hi Mike,
    i cant imagine the beauty of the swath from this Country, but i see tough working Dogs and there
    shadows on the snow. I think by my self. A lot of people are touched from God and if i see You and your running Dogs i guess you are one of this human.
    Go ahead and make you Dreams