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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

In Braeburn

We are sitting in Braeburn waiting for Team Tsuga to arrive at the last checkpoint.. Mike and the team left Carmacks at 2:07am after a 6 hour rest.. The team is looking good and they left the checkpoint without any problem.. We slept for a few hours in Carmacks and drove down this morning.. Time to get excited.. After an 8 hour mandatory rest it is 100 miles to the finish.. Mike is still not feeling to well, but he is plugging on... So proud of him and the dog team.. He was telling me who he thought would get MVD (most valuable dog) and TTA (tightest tug award) but I won't spoil the surprise.. What do you think? Which dog would you pick for each?
Tsue and Tpeggy
Ok we are getting a bit silly :)


  1. Kelly's vote:
    Tighest Tug - Hood
    MVD - ELia

    Kim's vote:
    Tighest Tug - Merlin
    MVD - Reba

    We picked different dogs :)

  2. I just checked the live tracker and it looks like Mike is JUST coming into Braeburn. How exciting!

    My votes -
    Tightest Tug - dunno, but one of those four-year-old boys maybe?
    MVD - Mugs?

    Keeping my fingers squeezed as tightly as ever!

  3. Mike is into Braeburn. This is great, in 13th place!

    I don't think MVD and TTA are silly, as shown by my guess - Reba for MVD, but I don't know the dogs well enough to guess at TTA - one of the Mugs' male offspring?

    Thanks alot for the fun and although I will most likely not have internet right when he arrives in White Horse, I will check as soon as I do.


  4. Eliza - MVD
    Hood - TTA

    100-miles to go.....Lets go home dogs!