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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Spot is back on the team

The tracking device that Mike lost in the beginning of the race is back and working.. Leaving Dawson the team was: Mugs and Reba in lead, Eliza and Gila, Moon and Wilson, Merlin and Trip, Lotus and Logan and in single wheel Logan..
Go Team Tsuga


  1. Atta girl, Reba - Rest well and travel fast Team Tsuga.


  2. Mike's doing great - gaining in place and hanging in with Dalton nicely. Can't wait to see how they are doing when they arrive in Pelly.

  3. There was a scary gap in tracking for several hours after Mike left Dawson, but it seems to be working since then. :)) Good thing, because some of the dog drops are way behind in reporting times.

  4. Go Tsuga! So far you've beaten your 2008 times for most of the segments.